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Tray Code

Your code is located on the back of the sticker on your Pink Lady® or PinKids® apple tray.

Every code you validate from a tray will earn you 6 Pinks.

Bulk Buy Code

Your code is located on the back of the label on your Pink Lady® or PinKids® apple.

Every code you validate from a bulk apple tray will earn you 1 Pink.

Why is there no unique code on my Pink Lady® apple?

As part of its commitment charter, and in order to improve its impact on the environment, the Pink Lady® Europe association has decided to gradually eliminate single-use plastic from its packaging range. This will be reflected by the deployment, as of this season, of new 100% FSC cardboard packaging, on which it is unfortunately technically impossible to print a unique code at the present time. As a result, it will no longer be possible to maintain the loyalty programme as it has been up to the present.

From now on, the presence of codes on our punnets, as well as on loose apples, will significantly decrease. However, you may continue to collect available Pink points and use them until 31st December 2021 in the Pink My Life shop. We will also be proposing promotional offers – all of which will be explained in our next newsletters!

This marks the beginning of a transition period for Pink My Life, whose new version, disconnected from the unique code scheme, will continue to offer you many benefits as of January 2022, thanks to a brand new experience which we are currently working on and which we will be presenting to you in due course.

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