Cook to music: one dish, one playlist!

Cook to music: one dish, one playlist!

Just like music, cooking is an art that makes people happy! So why not combine the two and concoct dishes to delight your entourage and give a boost of energy?

You’re the boss in the kitchen, so let Spotify® take care of the music. With over 40 million titles available, dance to the beat, while you beat the eggs!
Now you have all you need! Ready, steady, cook and dance! Here are three recipe ideas of dishes to inspire you!

A romantic evening

Tonight it is decided: you’re going to cook up a treat! To impress your other half, with whom you have planned to spend an evening alone, you’re pulling out all the stops with this duck breast stuffed with Pink Lady® apple. Find the recipe on our recipe page

Pour s’assurer d’une réussite totale de votre plat et régaler les pap...